Leaving a job can sometimes be harder than finding one…

16 March 2014

Today after almost six years of moaning about my job and the people I work with I have decided to do something about it. Leave.

I’ve not handed my notice in yet, but at least I’ve finally decided to make a stand. Small steps they say…

I’ve decided to write about what happens next. To be honest I’m not entirely sure. I’ve reached that point where I’m not too sure I want to carry on doing what I am doing  – I work as a full time TV producer/journalist for an international company.   

Why am I leaving?  Well without going into detail it’s those common factors that most people probably dislike about their jobs; bad management, bullying, feeling under valued, being over micro-managed and unable to do the job you originally signed up for – all play a part and well, it becomes a bit soul destroying and you begin to hate it. Sound familiar? 

Take the test. 


Leaving a job isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can get stuck in a rut.  You put up with it. Having a secure full time job can sometimes be hard to leave especially when you know how tough the job market can be and how many people are out there looking for work.

And that nagging question – who’s going to pay the bills?

But is it worth feeling sick to your stomach, feeling negative all the time, and generally living an unhappy existence, worth it? 

For me, not any more. I’m in position where I have no kids or partner relying on me. There is only me looking out for me.

So I’m looking for something new. I’ve got a large skill set and have a varied list of past work experiences behind me. But that can also be a downside, because at this stage I’m looking for a change in direction, but I don’t know what that direction is.

But at least I’ve decided to take the first step.

Travelling is also an option, but the one thing (at the moment) that is stopping me from doing this is, fear. 

I’ve been working since I was 16 – went to university and started my first job the day after I graduated. I’ve never travelled – apart from holidays. A part of me is desperate to see the world, the other part is scared that I won’t be able to find a job when I come back and should be looking for one now.  But I need some time off, mainly for my brain to regroup and work out what I want to and can do. 

Back when I was starting out in my profession, work experience and networking were the norm, you’d actually go out and meet people  – imagine that?!

I’m going to try a variety of different roots to find a job. And try and keep you posted on how I get along.

I’ll also be posting links, which I think are interesting and maybe of use to others looking for a job, going for an interview, having a career rethink and so on.

It’s a personal blog, so views my own.


2 thoughts on “Leaving a job can sometimes be harder than finding one…

  1. The best advice I could give you or anyone in your position would be to take a gap year or move abroad temporarily to work in a new environment and culture. I just returned from having a year out in Australia and it was by far the best year of my life. Weather is better, pay is better and work culture is more relaxed. In fact both my brother and sister are out there now living the dream. You can get a years working holiday visa straight away. All you have to do is apply and then book your flights. Find a job when you get there…

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